Caring for people & the planet

Our cards are made in the UK. They are designed in our studio in Surrey, printed locally and hand-finished, picked and packed in Gloucestershire. Much of the paper we use is also milled in the UK, reducing our carbon footprint and further supporting local businesses.

We strive to minimise our impact on the planet and only use FSC certified card and paper, which means our cards and envelopes have been made from materials sourced from well managed forests and/ or recycled sources. 

All our cards can be recycled (including the bows) and feature the official wrap recycle logo. Detailed recycling information is also printed on the back of every card.   

Whilst our cards sell well without plastic wrappers (including our hand-finished bow cards), most of our clients still prefer these products in wrappers for longevity, so we ensure all our plastic packaging is now compostable and recyclable to reduce our environmental impact.

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